About the Artist Connie Dines

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado.

Colorado Based Photographer and Photojournalist

Connie Dines – Biography

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, I have always been a traveling girl. From California to Virginia, my young life was filled with the desert and the Great Plains, cornfields and the coasts, the Smokies, the Rockies and the Appalachains were all part of our road trips. Summers in the forests of Yellowstone or playing on the beaches and freshwater springs in Florida brought many encounters with wildlife, plants and new friends. It is no wonder that the adventure of finding new corners of the world seem to beckon!

It is the moments of life that I love to capture. And even more fun is to hear people say “I was standing right there next to her and never saw that!”

The frozen moment feel of photography is what attracts me to real world images but I also enjoy exploring the world of abstract or impressionistic images as well. It is really rewarding to see someone else find their own experience in connection with the images I make.

Artists statement:

I believe in photographic honesty. I also believe that it is important to play. Using a photograph to make art without being a fine art photograph is the space where the artist in me reaches out to reflect the inner world. I strive to make images “in camera” rather than relying on software to create my vision because I don’t really enjoy spending that much time on the computer fussing with pictures instead, I aim to get it right from the beginning. For me the play continues when the print is being prepared. Choosing the right paper for the image is hugely important to me as is the matting and framing. The inks are tested for longevity. I print, mat and frame all of my own work thus seeing fine art prints from inception to output.

Growing up in Colorado meant walking up and down hills every day to go to school. Being outside in all weather brought me into a close relationship with the changing seasons and the way that light played on the world around me. Every morning I saw the sun hit the Flatirons with a brief burst of purple turning to rose and then becoming a beautiful warm glow that began each day with a little homage to Cat Stevens “Morning Has Broken”. It was achingly beautiful to me and I have never ceased remembering that play of light.

Photography, the art of writing with light, makes noticing how light affects subjects important, as it creates or ruins the mood and framing of the subject. Whether it is a landscape or urban scene, a detail or portrait, I try to tease out what caught my eye in the first place. Ultimately, the goal is to stir a connection between the image and you as the viewer to bring you into the frame to see the world through your own experiences thus creating a connection between us.