Barcelona, Rambla Catalunya

On of the passions of people everywhere is people watching and Barcelona is no exception! Tapas bars line the paseo where people can watch the busy, or wandering, passers by. Unlike many touristic places, the Ramblas are used by locals as well as visitors. It is delightful to see the mix of elegant business suits and fashionably dresses women intermingling with the short shorts and baggy pants of the travelers. Characters abound, people pass and an occasional street musician will stop and play in hopes of a tip in the hat.


Barcelona, Ciutat Comtal, tapas and waiters dodging taxis

The line of motorcycles, the line of people out the door, the line of umbrella marching along the Rambla Catalunya all seem to match the lines of plates holding some of the most interesting tapas!  It is so much fun to watch the parade of dishes going back and forth across the street with the occasional taxi stopping to let a waiter pass by.  One of my favorite standbys, Ciutat Comtal offers no end to the amusement of people watching!