Cross Country Road Trip

Another road trip? I wondered if I had gone crazy! This will be the 14th trip between Colorado and the East Coast I have made within 8 years! This time it is with my husband Sid and we will pass by the Kentucky Bourbon Trail enroute. Too bad we won't have time to stop and sample!We did find ourselves in Columbia, MO at supper time last night and checked out the "best burger and billiards" at Booches. After finding a place in student parking to leave the rig and trailer, we walked the few blocks to Boochers. The reviews were right, super authentic place and delicious burgers! Well worth the challenge of finding parking. Adding to the fun was the sight of the cook flipping burgers right in the front window and an old Budweiser light, with the horses circling around over the heads of the diners, in the other window. Classic!