We bid goodbye to this gentle rancher, Coaxing the Girls in from the Pasture, photographed as an Impressionist painting.



And with a fond farewell, we wish all the folks that go to the Stock Show this weekend stay warm, curious and visit the Coors Art Exhibit.

Remember, if you go,  ask to be shown the Club Art so you can take a look at the exhibit showing in the very private Cattleman's Club.  You have to ask at the Coors Show to be taken there, it is worth your time and thank you for all of your support!  

Hurry down to see the final days of the Western Stock Show in Denver! This third and final piece in the Working Horse Series featured at the Coors Western Art Exhibit as a Club Artist.



Please check in at the Coors Western Art Exhibit and ask to see the "Club Art", there you will see many fine artists that are showing in this exclusive Club of the Stock Show.  Hurry!  This is the last week! 

Horses and more horses! The second image in the Working Horse Series... Waiting at the dusty edge of the river to cross into the corrals.

You'll find them at the Stock Show in Denver!  This is the last week for this tradition and you are the only missing ingredient!  While you're there, remember to stop by the Coors Western Art Exhibit and ask to see the Club Art.  You will have a chance to see some really wonderful art.  Don't miss the work by Susan Bell in the Executive Dining room while you're there.  Imagewww.conniedines.com


These Three Cowboys say "It's Stock Show time in Denver"!

Photographing cattle round-ups are fun and always full of delightful characters! The high desert plains of Colorado lend themselves to these unsettled cloudy days in the fall that are a bit grey but great for working outside. These three were taking a moment to find out what their boss wanted them to do next. It took quite a while to get the cattle in-between each of them to balance the photo. If you go to the Stock Show, stop in at the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale to ask for a tour of the Club art. There you will see a number of artists along with a series of photos of mine that have been selected for this year's show.