Delicious feast for the eyes, autumn colors in New England abound!

Down the road and around the corner is a field with stands of maple, oak, birch and many other trees that are found in the New England corridor. If anyone let me just stand in the field for a month I think I would have found a small piece of heaven on earth! The colors are among my favorites to wear, the soft light of the rising or setting sun gives them an illumination that shimmers of pure gold, ahhh such bliss. Maine Colors Rte 37 16x12

These Three Cowboys say "It's Stock Show time in Denver"!

Photographing cattle round-ups are fun and always full of delightful characters! The high desert plains of Colorado lend themselves to these unsettled cloudy days in the fall that are a bit grey but great for working outside. These three were taking a moment to find out what their boss wanted them to do next. It took quite a while to get the cattle in-between each of them to balance the photo. If you go to the Stock Show, stop in at the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale to ask for a tour of the Club art. There you will see a number of artists along with a series of photos of mine that have been selected for this year's show.