Delicious feast for the eyes, autumn colors in New England abound!

Down the road and around the corner is a field with stands of maple, oak, birch and many other trees that are found in the New England corridor. If anyone let me just stand in the field for a month I think I would have found a small piece of heaven on earth! The colors are among my favorites to wear, the soft light of the rising or setting sun gives them an illumination that shimmers of pure gold, ahhh such bliss. Maine Colors Rte 37 16x12

The Art of Rocks, Canyonlands Petroglyphs

I have always loved looking at rock art but until this week I had never considered the rocks around them as part of the art.  Now that I have taken a step back to look at the space I see a beauty in the setting I really resonate with and the glyphs become a part of the scene.


Canyonlands, slot cove, redrock, late afternoon, orange, pink, light shafts

In the afternoon we headed over to the Canyonlands, in the Needles, and played around with some little spots tucked in out of the wind.  It was picking up after having died down a bit later in the morning.  I was happy to be laying down out of the wind in this little cove playing with the small light shaft and sweeping lines of stone layers.


Canyonlands and Moab, Photo Workshop, red rocks, dead trees, landscape views

It has been a crazy week here in Moab, UT!  Bruce Hucko and Guy Tal are hosting a workshop and Symposium and wow, what a group!  We've had 5am meetings to go shoot the sunrise and ended the day with a session in the Canyonlands to return home at 11pm!  But what fun was had and the colors are just amazing!  

Here is a sunrise at Broken Arch, not my favorite spot but the colors were pretty.  Looked like two kissing gophers to me!